Free French Films


The Mercer Island Sister City Association,  Mercer Island Arts Council and Aljoya present:
“RIDICULE” (1996)
Directed by Patrice Leconte
Show at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 21 at Aljoya,
2430 76th Avenue S.E.
Come at 6:30 to enjoy wine & cheese generously provided by Aljoya!

The Baron of a mosquito-infested region of France travels to Versailles to petition King Louis XVI for financial assistance in draining swamps. The Baron soon learns that to contend in the King’s court, he must fight and win battles of wit, lest he be disgraced and lose any hope of favor. Stars include Charles Berling, Fanny Ardant, Jean Rochefort and Judith Godriche. (brief nudity)

Enjoy this fascinating film, with an Introduction and Questions & Answers by film expert Lance Roades.
For more information, call Jane Brahm, 206-232-0701