Here are most of the Mercer Island High School students on the 2019 exchange trip to Mercer Island’s sister city, Thonon les Bains, France, over spring break, 2019. Their host sisters and brothers will come to Mercer Island in October for the second part of the exchange.


Mercer Island students depart for Thonon les Bains, France


            A group of 26 excited Mercer Island High school students is embarking on an exciting cultural adventure on Friday, April 5. They’re going to Thonon les Bains, France, Mercer Island’s sister city, as the first part in a two-way student exchange program organized by the Mercer Island Sister City Association. They will stay in the homes of French students and their families; those students will come to stay with their American counterparts on Mercer Island in October.

            Three chaperones, Beth Brennen, Jane Meyer Brahm and Gabrielle Sisco, are accompanying the group.

            `In addition to going on excursions with their host families, and attending classes in the French schools with their host brothers and sisters, the students will be taken to various local attractions. They will tour the Musee du Chablais and the Chateau de Ripaille, as well as the Evian Mineral Water plant. They will be welcomed by the mayor and enjoy a luncheon at City Hall. They will take a ferryboat to Lausanne, Switzerland, where they will visit the Olympic Museum. They will go to Vevey, Switzerland, where they will visit a new museum dedicated to Charlie Chaplin who used to live there. There will be various group meals during the trip, culminating in a “raclette” soiree with all the host families.

            Students on the trip include: Dyani Aguila, Irene Argenti, Caitlyn Barber, Callahan Dawson, Morgan Dawson, Luca Debray, Norah Evans, Harry Gollin, Kate Gormley, Aimee Graesser, Mackenzie Hamilton, Eleanor Hargraft, Simon Hermelee, Carolina Keith, Grace Lenington, Anna Perry, Colson Rimmer Sean Ronaldson, Bennette Samuelly, Jarrett Sato, Caden Schreuder, Katie Stoops, Madeline “Maddy” Way, Bill Wang, Kieran Watson and Tessa Werdel.