Photos from the adult delegation to Thonon les Bains in February, 2020.

Monday, February 3, 2020: We arrive from Geneva, settle into the Hotel School, and visit the cultural center.
A map of the region. Thonon is just above the center of this photo. Geneva is in the lower-left corner.
The view of Lake Leman from my room at the Hotel High School.
The Mercer Island delegation walking south through Thonon to the cultural center.
Attending a dance and choral performance of the Groupe Folklorique Sabaudia.
Passing by the “Jet d’Eau” fountain in the harbor of Geneva on our way to Thonon les Bains.
Our cheerful and youthful chefs and restaurant staff at the Hotel High School.
Arriving at the north entrance to the cultural center.
Exploring the reserve collection at the cultural center’s library.
A welcoming sign waiting for us in the lobby of the Hotel High School.
The Hotel High School students preparing our lunch at table.
Exploring the modern art exhibit at the cultural center.
Close-up of a centuries-old book in the reserve section of the library at the cultural center.
Tuesday, February 4, 2020: Visiting the water treatment plant, the tourism office, and the Chateau de Ripaille
Visiting the water treatment plant.


The delegations break for lunch at the tourism office.
Visiting Thonon’s most famous castle, le Chateau Ripaille. It was undergoing restoration.
Wednesday, February 5, 2020: Les Gets



Thursday, February 4, 2020: Champellant, Evian, Palace Lumiere, and the Jumelage renewal ceremony
A beautifully clear February morning overlooking the Thonon waterfront.
Mayor Benson Wong and Terry Mark standing in front of a 48-star US flag from WWII.

Visiting the Evian mineral water plant in the town called Evian.
Getting an explanation of how the Evian water is collected from the mountains and bottled.
Mayor Benson Wong standing beside the plaque at Thonon les Bains City Hall commemorating the sister city relationship with Mercer Island.
Mayor Benson Wong presenting a gift of art from the City of Mercer Island to Mayor Jean Denais.
Visiting a field near Champellant in the foothills of the Alps near the Swiss border.
A collection of photos preserved by the residents of Champellant.
Jane Meyer Brahm and Terry Moreman try out the big Evian Adirondack in the lobby.
Visiting the Palace de Lumiere.
Visiting the Thursday Farmers Market in Thonon.
Mercer Island delegates Rich Conrad and Gabrielle Sisco.
It was here in 1944 that an American B17 bomber crash-landed. It’s crew survived and escaped to Switzerland with the help of the townspeople.


The chapel built in the middle of the field, with the plaque commemorating the event.
Rich Conrad tries out the big Evian Adirondack in the lobby.
The Mercer Island delegation visits the cheese shop called Fromagerie Boujon in Thonon Les Bains.
Enjoying lunch in Thonon les Bains City Hall.
Now *this* is how chocolate mousse is supposed to taste!
Linda Todd presenting Mercer Island’s second art gift to the City of Thonon les Bains – a circular glass sculpture with an engraving of water, a bridge, and mountains. In the background is the painting that Thonon les Bains gifted to Mercer Island.


Friday, February 7, 2020: Bex Salt Mine, Wine Museum
The 5-foot-high train going into the 400-year-old salt mine in Bex, Switzerland.




Riding the train, facing sideways.

The electric train engine, pushing a hopper car of stone cores and pulling passenger cars.
One of the 40 kg backpacks miners used in the centuries before the train was built.
The other way out, if the train doesn’t work — a one-person elevator.


Describing the stairwell that they used to get in and out in the centuries before the train and the elevator.


One of the drills.
Close up of the diamond-tipped drill.


The Mercer Island delegation enjoying lunch at a restaurant created 400m deep in the Bex salt mine.


Visiting the Chateau d’Aigle, which has been converted into a wine museum.
Enjoying a concert of two alpine swiss horns.





Photos from the most recent student exchange trip to Thonon les Bains, in February, 2019.