Bienvenue! The board meets monthly to plan activities and events for the membership. If you think you may be interested in volunteering with the Mercer Island Sister City Association, we’d love to hear from you! For more information or to volunteer, e-mail us at, or contact Roberta Lewandowski at:

The MISCA board of directors tip their hats in front of the “Twin Foxes” sculpture at City Hall. The sculpture was presented by MISCA to the City of Mercer Island in 2005 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the jumelage between Mercer Island and Thonon les Bains. An identical sculpture was delivered to Thonon. Board members are, left to right: Pat Shafer, Monica Howell, Kristen Taylor, Beth Brennen, Sue Sherwood, Rich Conrad, Jame Meyer Brahm and Linda Todd. Not present: Susan Gates, Roberta Lewandowski and Terry Moreman.


Members of our all-volunteer Board of Directors include:

  • Roberta Lewandowski – President
  • Sue Sherwood – Secretary, Events
  • Joel Wachs, Treasurer
  • Jane Meyer Brahm
  • Beth Brennen
  • Natalie Debray
  • Deb Estrada
  • Julien Hervet
  • Monica Howell
  • Agnes Mallet
  • Gabrielle Sisco
  • Kirsten Taylor
  • Linda Todd
  • Ted Weinberg        

Emeritus Board

Christine Bardon
Sheila Bilbe
Rich Conrad
Joan Cremin
Pete Day
Kathy Erickson
Chris Fauske
Dawn Fox
Cindy Gebhart
Judy Ginn
Judy Leithe
Jarrod Lewis
Susan Lund
Aidan Maher
Terry Moreman
Carla Peterson
Susan Price
Gus Raaum
Linda Rorem
Pat Shafer
Ki Siadatan
Lucinda Soha
Kathy Sutcliff